I have published a variety of poetry, mostly in college literary magazines during the 1970s. A collection of poems is available below, along with a short story.

Columbus In Us All, from Cairn, 1973-1974, Vol. 10

Plath's Axes, from Genesis fall 1977

In Memory of Wystan Hugh Auden (d. 9/21/73), from Genesis fall 1977

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1949), from Genesis fall 1977 (co-winner of the 1977 Genesis prize for poetry, including this poem and the two just above)

The Surrealist's Prayer (for James Tate), from Cairn 1977, Vol. 13

Chines, from Cairn 1977-1978, Vol. 14

Elegy for Tim Buckley, Happy Sad, from Cairn 1977-1978, Vol. 14

The Origin of Confusion, from Genesis fall 1978

Five Minutes Before You Died (for Robert Lowell), from Genesis fall 1978

Won't You Please Buy an Organ from This Man?, short story from Genesis fall 1978 (winner of the 1978 Genesis prize for fiction)

Women in Lies, from Genesis spring 1979

Farmtown Carnival, from Genesis spring 1979

The Oyster Judge, from Genesis spring 1979

Decisions, from Genesis spring 1980

Running Stranger in the Rain, from Waiting for Rain 1981